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Clear Dart

ClearDarts-Gel Collar

ClearDarts-Gel Collar

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Clear Dart Medicated Dart Series – Open Standard Needle and Gel Collar (without sideport)

Our standard needle is the most common used with an open-ended injection and Gel Colla

Even though we have a designated filling hub, the drug can be filled through the cannula as well

14 Gauge Needle

Needle Lengths available:  ½”, ¾”,

Medicated Dart Series Sizes: 3 cc, 5cc, 7-1/2cc, 10cc

Clear body chamber eliminates overfilling, expensive drug waste, excessive splash out, time and effort

100% Detonation guarantee

our triple wall plunger does not allow for contamination into the medicines

designed for optimal performance in all situations

14 Gauge

This product is used with a standard needle, (open ended), with a Gel Collar.

24 darts per box 

Compatible with Pneu Dart Guns

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